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Keratin Treatment

No more bad hair days for up to 6 months! With the Keratin treatment, it will only take 5-10 minutes to get your hair picture perfect in the morning.

Here at Salon Rouge, we carry the Keratin hair smoothing therapy (Formaldehyde free), applied by our expert technician. Keratin is designed for people with frizzy/untamable hair. We have 3 formulas to help customize how you want your hair to work for you:

Kera Express – Eradicates frizz only up to 2-6 weeks
Starts at $150
Kera Control – Smooths hair while eliminating frizz for up to 6-12 weeks
Starts at $350
Kera Intense – Maximum Smoothing and eliminates frizz for up to 4-6 months
Starts at $400

*The Keratin Treatment can only be done after a thorough consultation. Please keep in mind, all of our prices are only the starting price. They will change based on length, thickness and texture of your hair. Your hair must be washed, air dried and in its natural form in order to provide an estimate on a price*

**Please contact us for more information**