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Cellophane/Deep Conditioning “Chemistry” Treatment

Now at Salon Rouge, you have the option of either our cellophane treatment, or *new* Deep Conditioning “Chemistry” Treatment(each at a separate cost), to add protein to your hair, and walk out with new and refreshed! It will repair hair up to 80%(depending on the original hair condition)! These 100% Natural (no Ammonia, no alcohol, no peroxide) treatments, made from soywheat protein and amino acid, will leave your hair silky smooth. These particular treatments will have you loving the new shine and managability your hair is left with. The cellophane treatment also works wonders as a semi-permanent colour substitute. Lasts 4-6 weeks.

Cellophane Treatment: $66+
Deep Conditioning “Chemistry” Treatment: $66+

*To ensure the quality of the services provided, for those guests who are particular with their hair, both a phone as well as in-person consultation are a MUST prior to scheduling an appointment.*

**Please note that all prices listed are a base price. Prices can vary depending on many factors including hair length, texture, level of Stylist, and/or creative process. Pricing is subject to change without notice**

**Please contact us for more information**